The Therapeutic Order

This is a fundamental approach that Naturopathic Doctors use.  The goal is to build from the bottom up, creating a solid foundation from which to support your health and healing. Every person is different, so this is a framework, more than a mandate.

therapeutic order

Of course, there are times when a person’s condition is severe enough that we might need to start with something more higher up to control symptoms (in the short terms) in order to give time while we work to build up the foundation of nutrition and behaviors which then can allow the person to get off their more invasive treatments or medications.

Often most patients are working at a few different levels at the same time.

What this means for your treatment is:

  • I usually start out more gently in order to establish good foundations.
  • Testing is sometimes needed in order to determine which systems need to be targeted.
  • I strive to recommend natural substances in their form that is “closest to nature,” and always encourage food as the best medicine.
  • There is no substitute for healthy diet and lifestyle habits.
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