New Patients

Thanks for your interest in working with me!  My practice is currently closed to New Patients. I am on maternity leave bonding with my new baby.

If you’d like to be put on the waitlist for when I return to my practice in November of 2017, please call 415-617-9252 or email with your request, and my administrative assistant will be in touch.

If you don’t want to wait until Nov to be seen (which I totally understand), I highly recommend any of the following practitioners.

  • Dr. Elspeth Seddig:  Naturopathic doctor. Great for kids, complex cases, hormones, fatigue, detox/heavy metals.
  • Dr. Nancy Mach: Naturopathic doctor. Great for general wellness, fatigue, digestive concerns and women’s health.
  • Anatara Medicine: Joint ND and MD practice. Complex cases, lyme, IVs, people needing management of prescription medications.
  • Dr. Rich Stagliano, MD: Functional Medicine MD.  Great for men’s health, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and complex cases.
  • Dr. Tim Dymond: Naturopathic Doctor: Great for homeopathy, herbal medicine, and men’s health.
  • Radiant Health: Naturopathic Doctors.  Great for women’s health, hormones, weight loss.


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