Foundations of Health: Intro

You would be amazed how much improvement in health can be achieved if we only get out of our own way and support the body to function optimally.  It is often easy to get excited and carried away about the latest, greatest, cure-all, supplement or superfood.  And for good reason, these items are often thrilling and have great power and potential for improving health.  But if we ignore the daily practices that support health, we have compromised our foundation and likely will only be able to make modest health improvements.

It is like trying to insulate a house by sealing the windows with plastic, but forgetting that the front door is standing wide open.  It just doesn’t quite make sense.  The plastic might help a bit, but really, to keep the house nice and warm, we’ve gotta shut that door.

We cannot ignore these following vital elements, the Foundations of Health:

Air, Water, Rest & Sleep, Food, Stress & Emotions, Social Connection

The following posts over the next week(s) will outline in greater depth these different pieces of wellness and offer guidance for their optimization.

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