My Approach

  • My mission is to help you establish peace, joy and ease in your health and life.
  • I am a scientifically trained naturopathic doctor, with years of clinical medical experience and  academic biochemistry research.
  • I am not “anti”-drugs or “anti”-conventional medical care.  I understand that all practitioners have a role to play.  My approach is to exhaust natural approaches and build a solid foundation for health before turning to more invasive routes.  I am happy to refer between appropriate practitioners and co-manage as necessary.
  • I use cutting-edge technology and laboratory tests to investigate what is going on.
  • Nutrition, lifestyle modifications, botanicals, homeopathy and stress/emotional management techniques are my primary treatment tools.
  • I whole heartedly believe that mind and body are inseparable.  That one cannot heal with out addressing the other.  Feelings are good, but feelings are also hard sometimes.
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