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Education: I am a graduate of National College of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Oregon where I completed a four year accredited post-graduate clinical doctorate program in Naturopathic Medicine.  I received extensive training in all the typical science-based areas of medicine.  But then also I studied in-depth the natural healing tools of nutrition, botanicals, homeopathy, hands-on bodywork, and stress/emotion management.  I was fortunate to get to work closely with many renowned and accomplished doctors and made sure to take good notes.

Philosophy:  I see myself as a guide, partner and ally with you on your own journey of health.  And, as such, I expect you to work with me to achieve your goals.  Ultimately, it is my mission to help you achieve peace, joy and ease.

To this end, I take the time to listen and work to build a strong relationship with you (a typical office visit is ~60 minutes.) I see your symptoms as individual parts of a complete and cohesive whole.  And I understand that small changes in one area can have profound effects on many others.  My treatment plans are tailored to your unique needs and work to guide you towards a greater state of wellness.  I have many tools and strategies to help and heal.

Because of my unique background in both the science and non-science sectors, I see myself firmly straddling them both.  I know the language and value of molecules, biochemistry reactions, physics, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tests.  But I also know, that there is a whole world that exists beyond the realm of what science can capture.  Thoughts, emotions, relationships and stress are all critical to our overall health and I honor these in your healing process.

Personally: These days, I am happy to be in San Francisco.  Having spent much time living up and down the California coast, I am glad to have the Pacific Ocean in my backyard to stay.  When not working with patients, I enjoy riding bikes around town, breathing in ocean air, spending time with my husband Amory, striving to tie myself in knots and calm my mind with yoga, cooking good food and getting out of the city for a myriad of different outdoor adventures.


(summit of South Sister outside of Bend, OR.  July 2012)

My story: I came to Naturopathic Medicine through my own journey of self exploration.  I grew up in Santa Barbara, CA as a young child and Boulder, Colorado as an older child.  I completed my undergraduate training at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I was a rigorous academic science scholar, with a double major in Biochemistry and Physics and a minor in Chemistry.  After graduation, I worked at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute studying the biochemistry of fluorescent jellyfish.  I found my work intellectually fascinating, but there was a piece of heart that was missing.  All my efforts didn’t have the tangible impact I was seeking.

At this point I headed out, to northern California to volunteer on organic farms and ended up on the coast in Mendocino.  Lots of hard work, beautiful surroundings and interesting conversations.  I often think of this time as my “right-brain” time, where I left the laboratory (and all the “shoulds” I kept hearing)  and went out into the woods.  I learned to really value all the things beyond the realm of academic science, i.e. intuition, compassion, feelings, creativity…  It was also challenging at times; and I felt confused and paralyzed often.  Over all, a very rich experience; simple life with good food and good people.

It was at this time I was introduced to naturopathic medicine as a profession and it just clicked – here was a way that I could combine everything I wanted do: be helpful, learn interesting things, use my science training/knowledge, make a difference, connect with people and the earth in a meaningful way. Everything quickly fell into place after that and Portland became home for four years during the intensive school program. 

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