Rebuilding your health, from the ground up.

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Do you…

… have ongoing, unresolved or chronic disease(s)?

… take multiple pharmaceutical medications?

… want to figure out the root cause of what is really going on with you body?

Have you been told there’s nothing else you can do, so just get used to it?

You can heal.

I can teach you how.

I focus on working with people who have chronic disease. With my extensive medical training, specialty lab tests and holistic assessment, I work to identify the root cause of your health concerns and crafts comprehensive wellness plans tailored to address your individual needs. More…

As a licensed naturopathic doctor, I work to free you from your prescriptions
– and their side effects –
and rebuild your health.

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The steps to build lasting health are:

  1. Establish the foundations for health
  2. Remove the obstacles to cure
  3. Stimulate the body to heal
  4. Restore the function of weakened organ systems
  5. Replacement therapy (if needed).
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Some might call it “alternative” medicine, but I think of it as good common sense.

What others are saying about Dr. Laura Figoski:

  • “I highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a professional health practitioner to help create a roadmap to better health.” C.H
  • “I am pleased and impressed. This is by far the best explanation of my problem. Thank you so much.” E.S.
  • “I’ve been following a lot of your suggestions and I have been feeling better lately and I have a lot more energy.” J.A.
  • “Laura is definitely my go to woman from now on! Would recommend her to anyone looking for the best quality care.” S.H.
  • See more at Yelp
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